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Alpride SA is a 100% independent Swiss company, Marc-Antoine Schaer a swiss engineer, founded the company in 2009.

Alpride with its success, distributes its avalanche airbags to the major winter sports brands.



Marc-Antoine Schaer

Alpride SA was founded in 2009 in Switzerland by Marc-Antoine Schaer - an EPFL graduate engineer (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). His idea was to design lightweight and robust avalanche airbags. The starting point is the use of cartridge type lifejackets, which is a technology that has proven to work for decades.


CE Certification

EN 16716:2017

All our airbags are certified by TüV süd according to European standard EN 16716: 2017


Quality at all levels


From conception, our products are designed and realized by integrating the highest quality criteria of the industry. Our safety products are subject to quality criteria as strict as in the aeronautical or medical fields.


Cutting-edge technology

We are at the forefront of technology in the use of 3D design systems and digital simulations to design our products.


Production control

Alpride knows all the processes and stages of production, guaranteeing a traceability and impeccable quality of our products.

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