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Our R&D team is constantly working on improving our airbag products, to incorporate users and professionals feed-back in terrain.

Here you can find the latest software update for all Alpride E1 airbag system as well as FAQs about software update, the software update is free of charge.

The new software version 1.11 (january 2022), provides the following improvements:

  • The LED in Stand-by mode is blinking 1 x each 10 seconds instead 1 x each 3 seconds.

  • The LED in charge mode is blinking 4 x per second instead 2 x per second.

led mode.jpg

With the new software version:

  • The E1 software update is drastically reducing the opportunity for a transceiver in “SEARCH” mode to associate the E1 proximity interferences (50-30 cm distance from beacon) with a ghost signal (additional buried subject).

  • Proximity interferences for a transceiver in “SEARCH” mode, in certain conditions, are still possible closer than 30-20 cm from beacon (as any electronic device) but the transceiver should not hold the proximity interference as a ghost signal, or only during few seconds, not as permanent additional buried subject (holding time depends on transceiver type).


How do I update my E1 software?

  • Download updater here: 1.11 (The Software updater is only compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is not compatible with a Mac, Linux or older version of Windows).

  • Once installed, connect the E1 to your computer with a standard USB – micro USB cable (data cable).

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Which models of E1 should be updated?

  • If the E1 LEDs are blinking 1 x each 3 seconds in stand-by mode, the E1 should be updated with the new software version

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