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Our R&D team is constantly working on improving our airbag products, to incorporate users and professionals feed-back in terrain.

Here you can find the latest software update for all Alpride E2 airbag system as well as FAQs about software update, the software update is free of charge


During the last months we went through a lot of testing with the E2 in close collaboration with different avalanche beacon manufacturers.


As a result, we were able to refine the E2 software and to further reduce potential interferences with beacons, especially with the most sensitive beacons on the market. This software improvement also positively affects the potential interferences when the pressure relief valve is ON.

Please note, that the original version of the E2 software is already designed to minimize interferences. Beacons are not supposed to be interfering when the “standard distance” of 50cm is respected.

How do I update my E2 software?

  • Download updater here: E2.24 (The Software updater is only compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11. It is not compatible with a Mac, Linux or older version of Windows).

  • Once installed, connect the E2 to your computer with a standard USB – USB-C cable (data cable).

  • Follow the instructions on the screen.

Which models of E2 should be updated?

  • The update software program will tell you if your E2 has the last software version or not.

  • Another easy way is to inflate the E2 airbag, wait 3 minutes after inflation and the Pressure relief valve will switch ON (check LCD), if the valve is making a low high-pitched whistling sound (you have to deflate the airbag manually with the deflation knob, then without the deflation noise, you can hear this whistling sound), the E2 must be updated.

  • With the new E2.24 version, the pressure relief valve doesn’t make any whistling sound anymore (making a sound is not a problem, it’s just a way to recognize the software version).

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