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As ambassadors of the Alpride brand, our athletes above all share our values: passion, determination and performance. Through respect and love of the mountains, safety is a concern close to their hearts and remains a priority.


Ambassadors of our equipment, bags and airbag systems, they are helping to develop products and to share their experiences.


Get to know our athletes better:


Birthday: May 5, 1989


Freeride Skier


2019 Best Results:

  • 1st FWT Xtrem Verbier Switzerland

  • 5th FWT 2019 Ski Men

  • 6th FWQ Nendaz Freeride 4*

2018 Best Results:

  • 1st FWQ Big Mountain Hochfügen 4*

  • 1st FWQ French Freeride Qualifiers Vars 3*


Alpride Ambassador since November 2018


A freeride ski professional, Wadeck travels the world in search of pristine summits. He has been competing in the Freeride Qualifier since 2013 and won his precious ticket for the Freeride World Tour in 2018. He will finally be able to compete against the top 20 world freeriders in six stages around the world organised by the FWT. The season is set to be rich and promising.

  • What motivates you or influences you as a freerider?

What motivates me as a freerider and influencer is contributing my vision of freeriding and the mountain, pushing the limits with my "touch" and sharing these wonderful moments by giving people the desire to enjoy life, "there are too many beautiful things to discover in the mountains and in nature. Life is short so don’t waste time"!

  • What does it mean for you to be part of the Alpride team as an ambassador?

Alpride is a brand that develops solutions for "saving lives". What an honour to be part of this team and contribute to the development of technological products related to safety! Even if the most important thing is to have everything in place so you never have to trigger the airbag!

  • How do you see the upcoming season and what are your goals?

My season is going to be very busy. My number one goal is the Freeride World Tour where I hope to win a podium and finish at least in the top ten overall. Then I have trips to Canada and original destinations that are currently being organised. Beautiful adventures on the horizon!



Birthday: September 17, 1990


Freeride Skier


2019 Best Results:

  • 4th FWQ Kappl 3*

  • 5th FWQ Les Arcs 4*

  • 4th FWQ Nendaz Freeride 4*

2018 Best Results:

  • 7th FWQ Nendaz Freeride 4*


Alpride Ambassador since November 2018


Passionate about skiing since a young age, Adrien took part in ski racing before enjoying the pleasures of freeride skiing. Studying at the highest level while participating in many contests, his love of the mountains can be seen in various video projects and personal photos. His motivation: to discover new mountains, to ski immaculate faces and - the ultimate goal - to progress in order to qualify for the Freeride World Tour, the holy grail of international freeride competitions.


  • What motivates you or influences you as a freerider?

What I like in freeriding is nature, the wild and unpredictable side. I like the adventure aspect and all the discoveries and experiences that entails. The sensations are incredible and if you can share these beautiful moments with friends, there’s nothing better!


  • What does it mean for you to be part of the Alpride team as an ambassador?

I am proud because it is a Swiss company, innovative and at the cutting edge of technology. I’m looking forward to using the new bags and being able to show people the quality of the products.


  • How do you see the upcoming season and what are your goals?

Given the lack of precipitation, this winter the snow will be key! I'm going to run the FWQ4* and my goal is to qualify for the Freeride World Tour. Outside of the contests, I have a film project in the Val de Bagnes in the pipeline!

Alpride Ambassador Christian Garufi Prof


Birthday: December 08, 1974


Pro-Freerider Ski and Snowboard


Claims of fame:

  • Professional Dual Rider Ski & Snowboard

  • Taurus World Stunt Academy Member

  • Taurus World Stunt Award Nomination



Alpride Airbags System, Good Boards and Skis, SP Connect, SPUnited, Cober Poles, Salice Occhiali, HMR Helmets, Sport Nagele Shop.

Alpride Ambassador since November 2019

Born in Germany and grown up between Sicily and Tirol, Christian Garufi is a multitalented athlete and stuntman in different disciplines. Achieving many goals in his career, like being in the Top 100 Ranking of the FWT or being part of the Taurus World Stunt Academy founded by Red Bull, he now concentrates on sport projects in the backcountry and big mountain shootings and filming.

  • What drives you as a freerider, what excites you or influences what you do?

The passion and freedom of freeriding will always bring me out there, enjoying nature and friends for a lifetime! The Mountain is my religion - The beauty of nature and the view from the top of the world give me a feeling of liberty and peacefulness. Riding first lines in the powder is my rule; the search of the untouched faces my target; to play and jib with the backcountry my addiction.

  • What means for you to be part of the Alpride team as an ambassador?

I am pretty stocked to be part of the Alpride team. Safety Equipment Is the most important thing for a freerider and so I am obviously proud to ride for one, in my eyes, most established and innovative product and brand in this sector.


  • How do you see the coming winter season and what are your goals?

I’m looking forward to another great season - the last season was fantastic, with very good conditions. I anticipate the same for the next season and will continue to search the untracked lines between Germany, Austria and Italy. Mainly riding in Tirol and making some trips to other resorts and countries for filming and photo-shootings.

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