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World leader in avalanche airbag systems, Alpride is launching its own limited edition backpack brand.

Ready for winter?

This season, Alpride is launching its own backpack, teh SuperCap 30, incorporating the E1 electric system, its third generation of airbags.

Ideal for freeriding or cross-country skiing, this 28 litre bag has all the options: carrying skis, snowboard, rope, ice axe, snowshoes and helmet. Its total weight is 2,550g (backpack 1,270g + E1 airbag system 1,280g). It's the lightest electric airbag on the market!

Impervious to external temperatures, the Alpride E1 system uses supercapacitor energy. No more issues with cartridges: the airbag inflates thanks to the stored energy, a true technological innovation.

Charging takes place via two AA batteries or using a USB plug and guarantees a battery life of 3 months. LEDs visible outside the bag allow you to check the system charge status. In the event of the airbag being triggered, the supercapacitors activate the compressor, which provides high-pressure inflation in just 3 seconds.

Finally, this technology is not intended for single but multiple use. Once used and folded, the airbag automatically recharges to be ready for a new inflation.

On the way to new adventures with the Alpride SuperCap 30!

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