Alpride joins forces with talented athletes

Five new Alpride ambassadors who share a common passion

After having signed a title sponsor partnership with Nendaz Freeride, Alpride is surrounding itself with a team of established freeride athletes and is joining forces with five established Swiss and foreign skiers and snowboarders.

Wadeck Gorak (FRA), Thomas Feurstein (AUT), Adrien Hildebrandt (SUI), Dylan Lavenex (SUI) and Marie Bovard (SUI) above all share the same values as the Alpride brand: passion, determination and performance. Through respect and love of the mountains, safety is a concern close to their hearts and remains a priority.

Ambassadors of Alpride bags and airbag systems, they are helping to develop products and to share their experiences. As freeride enthusiasts, they all practise their sport as professionals or amateurs. Their main goal is harmony with the mountains but also the pleasure of sharing their own experiences, their profession, their training, their competitions and their moments of relaxation throughout the season.

They will also test Alpride's new product, the SuperCap 30, a new generation of backpack that includes the E1 system, a worldwide unique electrical inflation technology.

Wadeck Gorak (FRA): “It's an honour for me to be part of the Alpride team and to contribute to the development of future products and technologies.”

Thomas Feurstein (AUT): “It is very important for me to use quality airbags which I can trust 100%, especially when it comes to safety equipment.”

Adrien Hildebrandt (SUI): “I am proud to be an ambassador for an innovative, state-of-the-art company from French-speaking Switzerland.

Dylan Lavenex (SUI): “It’s vital to inform people about the dangers of the mountains and the equipment needed to practise freeride skiing in a safer and more responsible way.”

Marie Bovard (SUI): “I'm very honoured to be part of the Alpride team as an ambassador, because I think the Alpride airbags are the best performers in this area.”

Marc-Antoine Schaer, CEO of Alpride, concludes: “Risk control and safety are priorities for us and our ambassadors. We are proud to be able to accompany them in their passion. We will work closely with them on our SuperCap 30 product and together we will improve future generations of our backpacks.

Welcome to the Alpride team and we wish you every success for the coming season!

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